Squirrel Feeder 2011

    For several years, we have had a squirrel feeder. Our youngest son gave it to his Dad for Christmas one year and put it in the front yard so that Pop could watch the squirrels eating on it from his recliner. Over the years, the post has been replaced and we knew last fall, it would need to be replaced this Spring.

    Our next door neighbor, Doug, had done one of the post replacements and apparently, he decided it was time for a new feeder rather than to just replace the post. He built and then brought this over to us at Christmas! He said we had to get a picture of it when there was a squirrel on each step! So far we have only seen one squirrel at a time on it.

    Today, I got a couple of pictures of this little squirrel on the first step. While watching, we noticed another squirrel, smaller than the first make his way to the feeder. We couldn't hear if there was any sound going on between the two, but soon the litte one was in the maple tree near the feeder. Eventually, he came down and got near the feeder again, as seen in the pictures, and apparently got a kernel or two, then ran into the tree to eat them. He ran off when he was finished, and the first little squirrel tried the corn on each step, losing several kernels to the step or the ground, but only eating those he took off the actual cob!














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