Veya and Her Puppies

This picture of Veya was taken in March, 2006.


      Veya had her first litter of puppies on 5 July 2007. The sire of the puppies is also a Brindel Pit Bull. Veya was in labor for over thirteen hours. She delivered the first little male (black with a white stripe down his forehead) at 6:30 a.m.; however, she didn't deliver the last little male (with a lot of her coloring) until 7:30 p.m. that evening. That little guy only came out half way - rear end first, so my son had to help ease the little guy out. This little guy did nurse a little bit, but not much and while the other puppies plumped up just within a few hours, this little one continued to look "skinny". He obviously had some respiratory distress, as his sides pulled in as he breathed. Often his mom and litter mates pushed him to the outside.

      Two little puppies were stillborn, a male and a female. Of the five that survived, there were two females, and three males.

      Here are a couple of shots of Veya and her puppies as they napped.

Veya and her 5 puppies

Veya and her 5 puppies, 2nd

      Late on Friday night (rather early Saturday morning), Veya laid on the one little female until she killed it. Within an hour or so, she picked up the little male who was having breathing problems and tightened her hold on him with her mouth until he stopped breathing. She now has the two little black colored males and a golden female. All three are very plump and seem healthy. She takes very good care of these little puppies.

Update - August 3, 2007

      Photos taken by Veya's "Daddy", and he has named the one little male - Mojo! Early on, he had named the little black male Moose, but he says now all he calls him is "fat butt". He says all the puppies are about as big around as a CD, and they roll more than they walk!.

Veya and Mojo

Veya and mojo 1

Veya and mojo


mojo 1

veya 2

veya 2

Update - August 10, 2007

      More photos by Veya's Daddy - and the puppies are named - at least for now. The two who will have other owners in a few weeks might get their names changed, but they each have a name now! The little black faced pup is the female and her name is Princess. She looks the most like her sire who was a brindel pit bull terrier. The pup with the white stripe down his face is on his third name - originally it was Moose, then Fat Butt, and now it is Bear!

      The following photos are of Veya and her pups, and were taken this past week.

bear 1       bear 2


bear & princess       princess & mojo



mojo and mama

mojo sitting       mojo close up 1       mojo close up 2


puppy play       tired princess and bear       tired puppies

veya, my sweetie       veya relaxing

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