Timm & Emilie's Wedding, pg II

    The pictures on this page are from the Wedding Day - pictures taken prior to the ceremony, with one from the ceremony, and then the others were taken at the Reception Picnic on Sunday. There will be more pictures added as I get them. Warning: many of my family members and relatives don't like to smile for photos, but please believe me that we were all happy and had a great time! The weather was perfect, the flower fairies were both healthy and everything went smoothly!

happy couple

Timm and Emilie

bridesmaids and fairy flower girls

The Bridesmaids, Bride and the two Fairy Flower Girls - Tina; Mashayla; Emilie; Lisa and Carleen. The two Fairies - Lily and Alyda.


Groomsmen - Roger; Bob, the Best Man; Timm, the Groom; Elron and Kenny


Exchanging rosebuds, a part of the ceremony.

gillick family

Our new family, Susie, Bob, Timm, Emilie, Kevin and Dan

gillicks plus 2 burds

Linn and Bill (my brother and his wife), Susie, Bob, Dale (Bob's youngest brother), Timm (behind Dale), Emilie, Kevin, Dan, Michelle (Dale's wife)

Leadleys plus Timm and Emilie

Emilie's family - Timm, Emilie, Chris (Tom's caregiver), Tom and Laurie. This was a candid shot.

Emilie and her parents and uncle

Laurie, Tom and Emilie, with Laurie's brother Dave behind Tom

Em and puzzled Kev

Emilie and her new brother-in-law, Kevin - caught in a candid moment

lily, karie and nolan

Lily, the little flower fairy, Karie (Kevin's girlfriend)and Karie's son Nolan, waiting for the ceremony to be started.

wedding cake at picnic reception

The wedding cake at the picnic reception on Sunday

cutting cake 1

cutting cake 2

Cutting the wedding cake.

feeding cake 1

feeding cake 2

end of feeding cake

Feeding the first bites of the wedding cake to each other.

after cake 1

after cake 2

after cake 3

Time to clean off cake - out of hair especially!

van ackers and pop

Cole, Jason holding Gray, Mashayla behind Pop, taken at the reception. This little family is part of our extended family.

      These pictures are not for public use, they are all protected by international copyright laws and belong to me and my family. Please respect these laws.

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