Week Five

       I am a bit saddened as I post this week's homework. I don't want this class to end! I am having so much fun and we have learned so much on playing with our PSP! Eagle, thank you so much for such a great class! If you ever work up a second class, I will be one of the first ones to sign up!!

       This week we played with creating an image or a sig using slats for part of our image. This was not only fun, but it will work for a huge variety of other images. The third image is for anyone who would like to snag it and use it for themselves.

SlatsDuck         SlatsEagle         SlatsEagle_share

        Next in the lessons was learning how to adjust layers to lighten so that it was easier to see the edges to be able to cut to tube an item. Here are some of my examples.

OrigFlowerImage         AdjLayerPurpFlower

OrigBridalWreath         AfterBridalWreath

OrigVerbena         LayerAdjVerbena

   These are my flowers I made into tubes.


        We once again played with stained glass images, but followed a tutorial to do this one. Here is my example of my stained glass horse. I didn't have the metal preset in my presets on my Inner Bevel. I also had problems getting all of my lines to pick up and stay picked up with my magic wand, so I used my paint brush to draw in stronger lead lines and then inner beveled them with what I had used on the ones that did work with the wand. I really do prefer these results over the ones we did earlier in the lessons, so will practice trying to master the technique on some other patterns.


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