Week Four

   I sure had a lot of fun with this week's class! Many thanks, Eagle! My Monitor Splash Screen was a lot of fun to play with. I used a picture of my youngest cousin Becky's little girl Abby! She is such a cutie and looks just like her mama did about the same age. Becky is the same age as my oldest son, so I kind of feel like she is also a daughter. I have used other pictures that Becky has sent me with other playing with PSP over the past few months. They live in Montana so I have to watch Abby and her baby sister grow through photos. My leaving the site monitor screen is also of Abby, but I mirrored the photo so that it was in reverse of the entrance one. I also used a photo of Abby to show one of my own with noise added to look like water flowing, and one of her mom Becky sitting on the prow of a boat and added noise to the water behind her.


   Here are samples of my work with adding noise in PSP and then animating them in Animation Shop. These are from gifs provided in the lesson.

mooncat_stars         snowcar

   Next we played with the Compress effect in AS and applying it to butterflies. We opened the images of the butterflies in PSP, applied noise to the three duplicate layers, then exported it to AS. Once we had it opened in AS, we applied the Compress effect to it and our butterfly looks like it is fluttering over a flower or something. Very cool effect and fun to play with.


   Next was play time to apply what we learned on applying noise and then animating it. I chose the butterfly lady for my first one. After I animated it, I thought is looked ok, but just a bit boring, so I then used the changing colors effect to it! That really made her come to life.

blubutterflylady       butterflylady

   Our next play to learn was to make buttons from a Button font. There are some really neat shapes within these characters. Here are my three buttons.

AwesomeButton       GreatWorkButton       rosebutton

   This tag was created entirely in Animation Shop - font of my name, with noise added through the effects in AS.


   This is my butterfly with noise added in PSP and animation with compress added in AS.


   These images were the photos of my cousin Becky and her daughter Abby that I talked about in the opening paragraph. I added noise to both the photos, placing the photo of Becky within a preset heart shape.

OwnNoiseWater       AbbyPourWater

   This one I did just for fun. Made it in PSP, then moved it to AS to animate the noise.


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