For all the years I have played with PSP, I can't believe there is actually a class!! But after seeing this first week's lessons, I can understand! I have to say, I love it!! Still learning!!! We are starting this class with Free Toys and Sparkles - And here are some examples of how I played this week.

   I began at Flaming, which is a very cool site to play on - they have different fonts in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you can do all kinds of things with their fonts. The lesson wanted us to play with the Frosty font, so play I did.!

Frosty Name       Frosty Name No Sparkles

   I liked the way these Frosty names turned out, both with and without the sparkles.


My North Star

My Sparkles

My Sparkles

Sloop Simplify       Sloop Grid

Yellow Roses Simplifier       Yellow Roses Simplifier Grid

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