Playing with PSP Week Three

   This week we learned about stained glass images. This was a lot of fun. I did have some problems with drawing my lead lines - in trying to get them even with some of my shakiness, they are thicker than what I wanted. The two rounded corner rectangle images are my own- the first from the class lesson and the second is my own "design" The other patterns I obtained online from the sites suggested in the lesson.

1stStainGlass       ButterflyStainGlass

FairyStainGlass       LgSwanStainGlass

OwnImageStainGlass       Rose

RoseBudStainGlass       SmSwanStainGlass

   The next part of the lesson involved tubing frames, then painting, colorizing and adding different tubes. This was a lot of fun to see what different images we could create. The two dogs in the first image are my "granddog Nevaeh", or "Vaya" for short. She is a Red-nosed Brindel Pit Bull and is the sweetest little girl, very loving and playful. She worships my oldest son, who she "owns"!

AngelFrame       ButterflyFlowerFrame       AngelFrameSigTag

   Our next project was working with masks. I had worked with some before thru tutorials and enjoyed them for the most part. The effect from these masks was a different than what I had seen before. I enjoyed this exersize. We tried different colors added to the skull mask and I had fun playing with all the various colors and gradients.

   The mask we were to practice and play with was one of an angel bowing. I thought it would be good to put with some photos of people. This was not as good an idea, as you can see from my results. The first image is of my son Danny when he was almost two years old. He was being quite a little clown.

   The next two images are of my two older sons Kevin and Timm, when they were about 4 and 3 respectively. They were watching a ball game on tv and sharing their mama's old chair from when she was a little girl. This is one of my favorite photos of them. (And the chair - we still have, it just needs to be recovered, which I will get to one of these days. It is sturdy enough to support me sitting across the arms at 200+. It was given to me, so it is now an antique!) The mask didn't show up very well in any of these as there was too much within the photo.

GhostShipSkull       grn_skullMask       purple_skullMask

AngelMask_Danny       BoysSmAngelMask.jpg      >

   Our final project was using vectors to draw a pot filled with gold and using some tubes. The purple pot with the flowers is my extra credit.

Pot       xcredpot

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