Playing With PSP Week Two

   This week we played a lot with animation. We learned how to change the direction of a dog's tail, make it wag and add text. Then for practice we were to create our own two frame animation. I used a steam engine tube, and had smoke coming out of it - the train, being old is not a smooth runner, so it is "chugging" along!

WaggingTail       chugachuga

   This is my sig tag using the Flaming text and animating it as rotating colors.


    Our next section was about adding effects to animation. The Animation Shop has several effects you can add to an exisiting animation. This process is much easier than taking it to PSP workspace and adding layers for each little change. We also added a background to the animation, while in AS.


   Our next little project was to take part of the rocketship gif and use it as a frame. I used two pictures of my two oldest sons, Kevin and Timm when they were toddlers. For the smaller circle, I used a picture of Kevin's dog, Nevaeh, who I guess is my "grand-dog". She is a sweet puppy but very energetic and rambunctious. Then I played a bit with the rocketship and decided it could be used as a frame, yet also be used animated. I used my little green alien tube, and used one green, and colorized the other two pink and blue - dad, mom and child!!

RocketShipFrame           MartianSpaceship

   Propagate and paste was next to learn, which started with two tutorials to make some animations.

SusieFrog          FrogText          >

SunNiceWork        SunCool

   Next we had several animations that we could play with and I played with most of them. I didn't do any propagating and pasting on a couple, but did on a few. I did have fun, playing and seeing what I could come up with!

AppleTree         colorfulspaceship         EarthOrBust

HoppingBunny         Tree_dog

MouseThruCats         SnacktimeFrog         DecoratedCake

   I took some time today to play a bit with the other animations offered during the lesson, the bunny and dog going across the page, and I added a butterfly to the bee on the flower. I miscounted my layers of bees/flowers so there is a break in my butterflies, but I am still pleased with my results.





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