Week Five

    Our fifth and final week of Reach for the Stars is rather sad for me - the class is over too fast! I have so enjoyed learning even more and more of the fine tuning for my images. I enjoy, to a certain extent, playing with vectors. I still need a lot more practice, but am getting there. Drawing with the pen tool is not my favorite way to do the vectors - I know it would have been easier to draw our vector bird with preset shapes, but I also understand the need to learn to draw with the pen tool. That is also something I need more practice with. We also learned how to script an image whle we actually created it. This will come in handy for many things.

    The beginning of this week's lesson, we learned about the pen tool and starting our image with node work. By following the directions, we first made a balloon, then a heart, and then a moon.

redballoon_my       heart_my       moon_my       vase_my


    I also made tubes and brushes from my vector heart, moon, vase, balloon and bird.

TubesFromVectors       BrushSamples


    These are two of my vectors that I used in images. The dog wood branch I had also done with vectors - the blossoms.

vase_flowers       MyBirdOnMyDogwoodBranch

    The next part of the lessons were learning how to script an image. I did my first sample with a green shade, and then as I ran the script, I changed the color on the button.

ScriptSigSample       2ndExampleScriptButton_red       3rdExampleScriptPurple

    Then we all got a present from Rollie - another script that we could run. Here is my "present" and then two other samples with changes made on different levels. The 2nd sample, was changed by using my preset I made earlier in the class with the effect - it is called the yellow cross preset - this changed the base button's effect/appearance. I changed the inner bevel on the three little buttons to the v-shaped bevel. I also changed the highlight color from white to a light purple on the text. On the third sample, I used a preset called the cross bold and changed the density from 60 to 10. I also changed the bevel on the three little buttons to the one that looks like and upside down T - number 12. In trying to make the text show up better, I changed the white inner bevel color from white to a medium purple.

PresentOrig         Present_2         Present_3

    This is an image I created and scripted and have already used as a tag at thePlace.


    I also made a woman's hat with vectors and used several nodes to help with the shaping of the hat. I love to wear hats, but since I never get that dressed up any more, I will settle for making some with vectors.


    For my final project for this class, I drew a cat with vectors and used nodes to do my shaping. I am displaying the grid also so that the different layers and vectors can be seen that I used.


VectorKittyGrid       VectorKittyGrid_2

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