Week Four - Vector Balloons

    This week we learned how to play with vectors to make hot air balloons. This was a lot of fun - adding the different colors, patterns or gradients to vary the looks of our balloons. I made my balloon the other night, but the shape wasn't quite the way I wanted. Today I tried it once again, after looking at a lot of pictures from the 2005 Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico. This seemed to really help. One thing I did notice was that our basket is not in proportion to the balloon. However, in trying to make it more proportionate, it looked funny in the graphics. I decided this was one time proportion was not that important.

    This is my first balloon that I made into a preset and plan to use it for some of my other graphic images. As I have explained above, this is actually my second try.


    The following samples are to show my preset balloon that I saved and then used for various sizes and various colors.

AnotherSizeBalloon       ColorizedBalloons       RedGoldBalloon       GroupSized


    These balloons I made from the first balloon preset shape I did - the one I didn't care for the shape. I had widened these as I put them on the image, so they looked better, but since I didn't want to have to do that each time - made the preset for all these other balloons.


This is the balloon I made with a basket added.


    With using a few more steps and the cutout effect, the balloon is enhanced and almost looks like it actually has air in it!! The first is my balloon with the cutout effect and the basket. For the second image, I added some flowers to the basket.

EnhancedBalloon       BalloonBasket

    These last two images are for my extra credit. The first one is of balloons in the sky, as at the Festival in New Mexico. They vary in sizes and a bit in shape, and of course, many different colors. The second image had "occupants" in the basket going for a ride. The occupants are my little green alien, my stick girl and my little mouse I drew. They look like they are enjoying the ride, don't they?

BalloonScene       Xcred

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