Week One

   We started our first week's lesson with learning more about picture tubes and how to create them. Here are some of my picture tubes that I created used in some small graphics.

This is an image I created using the cherries I tubed from the lesson.


Using the clipart of the Artist Mouse in the lesson, I tubed it and then made this image.


This is another tube I made from the clipart in the lesson and then created an image.

Jonquil Image

I made a tube from a picture of jonquils I took earlier in the day and then added it to a sig tag. It is duplicated onto three layers, with the bottom two layers being distorted by the weave effect, with various settings and also rotating the second image, then resizing the top image and also rotating it.

EXTRA CREDIT: I thought maybe since this was Spring, someone else might want a tube of my jonquils that I had tubed. Click on the following link and it will take you to the page where you can download and unzip it.

Download tube here.

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