Week Three

    We started the week learning about presets. I find I use the most in opening a new image. I am still trying to use it on some other areas, but opening a new image is what I seem to do the most often, especially when doing the exercises for classes and for thePlace. I am beginning to use them to save some of my settings for the different effects I play with and use. Those will be my samples for this part of the lesson.


    These are samples of using the preset for the Triangle White BG, and changing the color to green, with the grid showing the settings.

TriangleSave      GreenTriangle

    We then continued on with custom backgrounds and saving them and the presets for them.

XeroFuzzifierPaleBlue      XeroFuzzifierPaleBlueGrid

WarmClothPurpBG       WarmClothGrid

ImageOnStrawWall       StrawWallBGGrid

XeroTekstyaOnRainbow       XeroTekstyaOnRainbowGrid

    Besides using effects on colors, gradients and patterns, we also learned how to make gradients. I had played some with this before, but only was successful a couple of times - the other times, it just didn't work out. By following the proper steps, I had much more luck. I didn't do any metallic gradients, but here are a few of my "play".

Carnivale       Carnival       BlueGreen

PurplePink       SageGreens

    Custom brushes was our next subject and I was very happy to learn about the brushes. I had heard some things about them, but didn't really understand how they worked or where one would use them. I enjoyed making some brushes and plan to make more soon.The lesson taught us how to make a custom brush called a twirl brush, so my first example is of some of the playing I did with it, using the variences. It took me a few minutes to remember how to bring that grid up and then how to use it, but I had fun playing.


    The first image of the 3 custom brushes came from some ding fonts I found online. I used various gradients to coloriize them. The 3 custom brush images (also from ding fonts) - the anchor is colored with a blue gradient; the flower in the flower pot is three different brushes I made from other ding fonts, colored and then put together to make an image - I used flood fill and some of the paint brush to complete them. The sun behind the clouds is one brush from another font and I used a yellow gradient for the sun, and then filled in the cloud sections with a light gray and then air brushed the white on and then blurred it. I was really pleased with the results of those clouds! The artist mouse I filled some of the areas in with the different colors,and then filled in the little areas that didn't "fill" with the paint brush. I then added a tube of the pair of jonquils, added some red to the tip of his brush and then onto the jonquils - he was painting them!!

3CustomBrushes       3CustomBrushImages       ArtistMouseBrushPic

    Then it was time to do a little playing with what I had learned and the brushes and backgrounds I made. One of the backgrounds I made, I called Carnivale as it reminded me of Mardi Gras colors at Carnivale. The rocking horse got his tail airbrushed with the pink color from the background and his main colored with the yellow shade from the background - airbrushed them on and blurred them. One of the brushes I made was from a tube of an English Rose with two rose buds, and another was of my favorite tube of two black swans. I also used one of my backgrounds to make a graphic image with my white tiger tube. The English rose brush, I filled in with the red and then used the paint brush and air brush to do the greens, duplicated it twice and rotated the two outer images - all on one of my preset backgrounds I had made with green. The black swans, I used the paint brush and the air brush to fill in the defining colors and lines. However, I forgot to do a little blurring to the air brushed gray, so it could look a bit better! The rest of the image is all from various tubes of the sky, hills and the grasses with the yellow flowers. The white tiger image was just the background and then tubes added to create the image - nothing involved here except several layers to get the grasses placed where I wanted them.

CarnivaleBG_Image       EngRoseBrushOnImage       SwanBrushPic       TekstyaBG_TigerImage

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