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    During week two we learned how to clean, repair and fix old or damaged photos. This is something I have been doing for several years, but I did learn a few other ways and a few shortcuts. I have really enjoyed learning these new ways to help me with one of my passions. To show some of my other work with this, I have posted the original of a photo of my great, great grandmother. She lived from 1833 to 1883, being born in Germany and dying at age 49 in northern Illinois from Tuberculosis. I only recently obtained the copy of the original of her portrait. I assume this portrait was taken circa 1850. I have also posted my cleaned up version.


This is the original picture from the lesson of a child in a damaged photo.


Following the directions in the lesson and then adding a bit of softening with the soften brush.


This is the original of the Lady in another damaged photo.


I didn't crop this picture because I liked seeing the bustle on her dress.

These are the two copies of my Great, Great-Grandmother.

OrigGG_Grandmother       MyGG_Grandmother

    Another thing we learned was cloning objects and moving them to another place within the photo or graphic, and also how to enhance them within the graphic. This is useful to know, but I am not sure how often I will use it. I used it for the class assignment, but couldn't think of another way to use it.


    From the original, I used the Freehand Selection on the point to point setting, traced around the lower animal, and then moved it closer to the upper animal. I used the soften brush on the rocks to darken them, and also enhanced the colors on the fur of the animals. I didn't like using some of the enhancements in the directions, so played around with my own, which I am sorry, but can't remember just what all I did.

    We also learned colorization of items within a graphic or a photo - this was a lot of fun, and as you will see on my first try with the Castle Garden, I really colored everything I could - well, almost! I didn't change the color of the castle or the grass!!

First we practiced our colorization on some roses that had been tubed. My results didn't turn out exactly the same as in the lessons, but they still turned out pretty good.


    Here are my Castle Garden graphics. First is the original, then the first one I played so much with - sure ended up bright and colorful. I did add a pair of black swans near the front. The last picture can also be for my extra credit! It is of the castle gardens, with the different areas colorized, then there are several tubes added. First the sky tube - I used the magic wand on the white areas of the "sky", the placed my sky tube there. I also added three rose bushes, which I had to tube onto a separate image at a scale of 10, then resized that to 75% twice, then copied and pasted and moved to where I wanted them. I also took out the bench, and cloned grass and the wall into the area left by the bench. I also tubed a pair of black swans (also resized twice by 75%) and added a white swan, and several tubes of water to make a decent looking sized pond. I also tubed several "grasses" for around the pond - they also were resized once or twice depending on what I needed for the size to be in proportion. Had some 30 layers or more for each of the different tubes and pasting them on new layers so that I could move them around where I wanted them!

OrigCastleGarden"     enhancedCastle     SecondEnhancedCastle

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