The Gazing Ball Wore Woo Woo Crystals

    Joan went to the small closet in the back bedroom, opened the door quickly and grabbed for the long grey trench coat hanging on the left side. She stretched on her toes to reach the top shelf. As she lowered the black hat box, it tipped and fell to the floor, the top falling off. Disgustedly, she took the dark grey fedora out of the box, brushed off imaginary dust and placed it at an angle on top of her short blonde hair. She buttoned the coat and fastened the belt.

    As she went into the hallway, she paused for a moment in front of the full length mirror. Quickly she adjusted her hat, slightly covering her eyes. She flipped the light switch plunging the upstairs into darkness and hurriedly descended the stairs. She crossed the living room floor to her desk, found a small piece of paper with some words written on. She rapidly said them over and over, trying to memorize them. "The gazing ball wore woo woo crystals. The gazing ball wore woo woo crystals." Thinking she had them committed to memory, she crumpled the paper, put it in the ashtray and touched it with a burning match. As soon as the paper had turned to ashes, the flame died out. Joan turned off the desk lamp and went to the kitchen.

    Removing her small flashlight from the tool drawer, she walked into the garage. She opened the garage door, backed the dark sedan out onto the cement driveway. At the end of the drive, she backed to the left heading toward the stop sign at the next corner. While sitting at the stop sign, Joan shuddered at the thick fog that had descended since twilight. Leaning over, Joan reached into the glove compartment for her city map. She poured over the map in the dim light provided by the street lamp.

    Startled by the sound of a honking behind her, she drove through the intersection. About a block away was a deserted parking lot with a few lit lights. She pulled in and again tried to read her city map. Finaly she located the intersection she needed. She put her car in gear and pulled back onto the street. After about ten minutes of driving through the dense fog, she arrived at what she thought was her destination. Sure enough, there was a figure standing beneath the street light as had been planned. The figure also was clothed in a dark fedora pulled down to hide its eyes and a long dark trench coat.

fog corner

    She pulled her car into the shadows, and quietly exited. She walked softly in the shadows, cursing the dry leaves on the sidewalk crackling beneath her feet. Soon she reached the corner with the street light casting a soft dim glow over the dark figure. As she approached, she could see smoke curling about the figure's head from the cigarette that was being smoked. She rapidly repeated the phrase she had memorized prior to leaving her house in her mind. Suddenly she was next to the figure. It was a man. He glanced at her. She whispered, "The gazing ball wore woo woo crystals."

    "Hey, lady, are you nuts? What are you talking about?"

    Joan realized she had the wrong corner! She started to turn away, then decided to trust this man, at least a little. "Excuse me, sir, could you tell me where the intersection of Jones and Smith is?"

    The man hesitantly told her to go down two blocks, turn right and go another three blocks. As Joan hurried back to her car, the man shook his head, thinking how crazy some women are!

    Joan got into her car and following the man's directions, sure enough, she saw another figure standing under the street light. She parked her car, and hurried to the figure. As she got closer, she softly said that now familiar phrase, "The gazing ball wore woo woo crystals."

    Then she heard a soft gruff voice, "The woo woo tarot cards wore white." She knew she was in the right place. She reached into her left pocket, pulling out a small white envelope. As she handed the dark figure the envelope, the figure handed her a large manilla envelope. The figure then seemed to disappear into the night.

manilla envelope

    Smiling, she ran to her car, jumped in and headed for home. After she pulled into her garage, she stopped her car, grabbed the package and raced to the garage door to close it. She hurried into her kitchen, turning on the light as she came into the room. She pulled out a chair at the kitchen table and sat down. Joan then opened the large manilla envelope, grinning from ear to ear, and pulled out the latest edition of the new Harry Potter book, number seven!


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