Murder by Life

    Four friends were gathered in the front yard. Mr. Skull was near the front sidewalk on the right of the sidewalk to the porch, with Mr. Ghost across that same sidewalk. Mr. Scarecrow and his child were on each side of the porch, with Marcus,the Carcus buried in the yard just off the porch. It was a Saturday evening and the friends were enjoying the warm, gusty breezes that were blowing. Mr. Ghost enjoyed himself so much that he was swaying and smiling.

    By early Sunday morning, all was changed! With the delivery of the weekly paper tossed on the porch, Mr. Scarecrow was hit by the paper and was sprawled across the porch, lifeless! His poor child had witnessed the crime and was leaning over towards his deceased father. Mr. Skull was facing the house, horror on his face! Mr. Ghost was swaying and smiling. The irony is that the newspaper is named "Life".

    Within the hour, poor Mr. Skull was lying lifeless across the front walk - a victim of suicide! In trying to leave the crime scene, he became unplugged and died on the spot!

    Below are pictures of happier times with the four friends, followed by the crime scene photos.

happier times 1

happier times 2

Happier Times

mr. skull 2

Mr. Skull

scarecrow jr.

Scarecrow, Junior

mr ghost

Mr. Ghost

marcus the carcus

Marcus, the carcus

mr scarecrow

Mr. Scarecrow

crime scene 1

Crime Scene, first view

crime scene 2

Crime scene, second view

crime scene 3

Crime scene, third view

murder weapon

Ironic murder weapon

mr skull looks at friend

Mr. Skull looking at his late friend.

deceased mr skull 1

The late Mr. Skull