A Day in the Life of Rookie

groomed rookie

    Aw, heck, Mama is packing those darn bags again. They are going to leave me yet again. Heck, they have been gone twice in the last couple of weeks and each time has been so very long. I think I will go under Mama's desk and not only keep out of her way, but if I don't see her packing maybe I won't feel so bad.

    Un, oh, they are talking about me. I had better go see what they are saying. I turn around slowly and stretch. Slowly I walk over to where Mama is sitting on the couch. Maybe if I rub against her, they will change their minds and stay home with me. I rub against her legs and she pets my back. She is talking about me, but I can't quite understand it. Oh, that feels good, she is rubbing my favorite spot just over my tail. Well, darn it all, she stopped. She just never does it as long as my boy does.

    OK, OK, I am going to my chair! Sure is nice that Mama straightened my sheet on here. The sheet makes it so nice and smooth feeling. It also helps on those hot days to make it a bit cooler. Shoot, there she goes again, putting more things in those bags! She just went into the bedroom, I better see if maybe she is going to take a nap. If she is taking a nap, then I have to be on the floor beside her. She might need me for something.

    Yes, you are excused. Darn, all she wanted was the pillows she and Pop use. Oh, there is one of my rawhide chips. I better chew on it for a while. That always helps me feel better. What's that, little chip, you want to go outside? OK, let me try to get Mama to let us out. Maybe she will be nice and just let us out for a good run, and I can go see my friend the squirrel in that tree in the next yard. Sure can't understand why he has to be in the tree to talk to me. I wish he would come down to the ground so we could all play together. I think you would like him, little chip. He isn't very big, but he sure is fun to play with.

    Well, I guess it was to be expected. Mama rarely lets us outside without being on the chain! OK, you want to go in the grass, right? While you are in the grass, I think I will take the opportunity to mark my areas, you never know when other guys will come in here to mark my property! The nerve of some of them! Ahhh, that feels good, always good to empty the old bladder! Of course, now I am thirsty. Time to hit the old toilet bowl. Sure hope neither of them are using it. Are you ready to go back in, little chip? OK, see you later....

    But, Mama, little chip wants to stay outside. He is enjoying the sun shining on him. If you insist, I will go get him. I just don't understand why you won't let him stay outside. He can't move by himself, so it's not like he will run off where you can't find him! C'mon, little chip, Mama says you have to come inside with me. Wow, isn't this fun? You and I together with Mama and Pop. I feel like a youngster again. Want to prance a little with me? Here we go...... Oh, I almost forgot, they are leaving us, little chip. Here, you lie here on the floor right where Mama might step on you as she might change her mind about leaving us!

    What, I get my leash on? Wow, that means I get to go for a ride in the van. Yippee! Ummph, that is sure a high step, but I made it. Here I sit, as proud of myself as I can be, and so very happy! I'm going for a ride, I'm going for a ride! Here comes Mama and Pop. Of course, I am a good boy! Mama closes the door and gets Pop settled and then she gets behind the wheel. She sure is a good driver! She only slides me around once in a while, so that isn't too bad!

    Wow, we are out in the country. Sure wish Mama would stop the van and let me have a good run out here sometime. Oh, now we are turning and yep, we are going to see Doris. She is sure a nice lady. The last time I was here, she even took me inside her house. That was so nice. Hi, Doris, and hi to you, too, Gary. I came to visit with you. Say, Gary, are we going for a walk? Oh, have to be in the cage for a while, huh? OK, I promise not to howl. I remember that water that Doris keeps handy to spray on me when I try to do a bit of singing.

    Boy, sure wish my Mama and Pop would come get me. It has been forever since they left me here. Gary checked my ears and made them hurt a bit more. Wait, is that my Mama's voice I hear? Yep, it sure is. Let's see, I can't howl or talk, so maybe if I whine a little. There's Gary! I get to see my Mama! There she is! Wow, it is so good to see you! Did you miss me! Where's Pop? Did he miss me? Are we going home now? Let's hurry! Bye Doris and Gary, gotta run!

    What's this another new van? Well, where is Pop? Oh, sorry, just got so excited. Oh, yeah, there's our van! Hi Pop, I missed you! Did you miss me? Let me in, we have to go home! Yes, yes, I am coming with you, Mama! Yep, there is my spot in the van, all nice and cleared out. Plenty of room for me! Here we go. I better tell Mama to hurry! We have to get home, I know my friends the squirrel and the chip have been so lonesome without me. Hurry, hurry, Mama. Ok, I will be quiet, but do we have to stop every time you see a stop sign? Being quiet, being quiet...

    Hey, this looks familiar, yep, there is our drive and Mama is turning in. Ok, so stop the van already. I have to get out and go in the house. Hurry up, Mama! She opens the door and I run up to the back door and wait for her patiently. Do you have to take the leash off now?

    Open the door, I have to see little chip and get a drink! They gave me water in a dish, not as great as the water in our neat toilet - always cold and clear! Well, there was that one time after Pop had been using it that it did taste a little differently. I run into the bathroom, jumping over little chip. Be right back, gotta get a drink, a long, long drink!

    Hi, little chip, did you miss me? Let's go watch Mama bring Pop in and then we will all be here! Wonder when my boy will be home again? Ahhh, I have missed my chair, too!

Note by author

    Rookie was our family dog for almost twelve years. His actual name was Rook, named by our middle son, Timm, who had bought him to be his dog. However, when Rookie became "Mama's dog", Timm left him with us. He was our constant companion, protector and best friend. He was very intelligent and could be very charming at times. He also could be very entertaining, as well as irritating! When we moved here, we brought his water dish, but he refused to drink from it, no matter what we did. We had to put him to sleep in January, 2006, much to the distress of our entire family. We all still see or smell him at certain times. When our other sons visit with their pets (dog name Vaya, and two cats named Too and Hands), they each have their own water dishes, with even water from her home for Vaya - however, they each drink out of the toilet. We feel that Rookie is here, telling them where the "best" water is!

Christmas Eve, December, 2005

Christmas Eve 2005

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