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    Over the years, I have always enjoyed writing stories. I credit my ability to write a fairly decent story to my genes (Celtic, German and English), as well as several of my teachers over the years, and of course those dear friends and my sons who have made suggestions for improvements. I went to a local Catholic grade school that was run by six nuns of the Immaculate Conception order. I have many fond, and several not so fond memories of their teachings. I went to high school in the mid 1960's, taking English all four years, as well as a semester of Speech. The teacher for my senior year had been there for many years, having also taught my mother when she was in high school in the early 1930's. By the time I had this stern and often grumpy older lady, it was said that if you took her English class your senior year, you would not have to take English in college. Even with this great praise, there were many college-bound seniors who were afraid to take her class. My parents gave me no choice!! I did well in her class with mostly a B average, and in finding some old themes of my mother's, she mainly carried a C average - which really encouraged me to work just a bit harder.

    Another thing that helped, was that for three of our years of English classes, we used a book called Word Wealth - we had to write sentances with the words contained in it for each of the classes. The book was set up to be used over three years. This greatly increased our vocabulary. Last, but not least, is my dear Mom. She believed strongly in children using correct names for objects, body parts, etc. and also to use proper grammer. I can still hear her saying that I was not done in an oven, I was finished! I shudder every time I hear it used the "wrong" way on television, movies and in books I read. I passed using the word finished instead of done on to my sons, too.

    I hope you enjoy reading my small stories. The Halloween story was written for thePlace's Halloween Party. thePlace is a graphics site where I have belonged since February, 2006. Eventually I will place other stories on here that I wrote for a Creative Writers Group I belonged to online for a couple of years. I really enjoyed reading the other members' stories and poetry and miss them all.


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