New Year Scrap Kit

example 1

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    I used a transparent image, 300x300 to make the image shown. In the kit supplies, I have given various colored large stars, but please feel free to use your own, or to add effects, textures and or a frame to this. Use your imagination!!

    I have also supplied various colored streamers, stars, fireworks and hats. I also supply to versions of the text "Happy New Year". I even supply a clock! These are some very basic items, but you can still make a pretty image with them. Feel free to alter the colors to suit yourself. Also feel free to add whatever you want - bows, ribbons, lace, champagne, champagne glasses - just what ever your little heart desires!

Supplies: Kit Items

    All of these images were made by me, so they are safe to use. The streamers, hats and stars were made by using Jasc preset shapes.

    All of these images were created in version 9 and will work in versions 9 through XII (12). You may place the tubes in your picture tubes or just do the copy and paste from opening them in your PSP workspace. You may also use your own embellishments.

    Have fun and use your imagination and creativity!

    Here are a couple of ways I put some images together!

example 1

example 2

    Thank you for trying this. I hope you enjoyed it.

Terms of Use

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      This tutorial/construction kit was written December 29, 2009.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie