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    I did this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure the technique would work in other versions as well.

    Note: If you came to this tutorial from a Search Engine, such as Google, you need to go to the first tutorial in this hat trio tutorials, the Rising Hat Tutorial, to download the supplies of the hats. That tutorial also has some more basic explanations that you might not find in this tutorial, plus you also might enjoy doing that tutorial as well.

      Rising Hat Tutorial

    Let's get started on making our derby hat do a little bouncing.

    Open a new transparent image, 300x300. Flood fill it with white, and name it wht bg. Add a new raster layer, if you are using a hat from your picture tubes, name it hat 1. If you are copying and pasting as a new layer, rename the layer after you have pasted the hat. Again, be sure the hat is centered.

    I used a derby for this demonstration, but you can use any hat you choose. You can also choose your own color/colors for the color in your name, as well as your choice of font. I am using #025c02 for my stroke and #04be04 for my fill. I am using a font named Irish Participants. I used size 36. You will have to adjust the size according to your name and your font.

    I placed each letter of my name on its own layer, converting each to a raster layer as soon as I had it applied. Pull a Guide Line down below your hat where you want your name to be. I also pulled out two vertical Guide Lines so I would know how wide my name could be.

shtd 1

    Add a new vector layer, naming it the first letter of your name. I add all my vector layers at once, naming each with the letters of my name, so that it is a bit smoother to do this.

    Place your text icon on the bottom Guide Line, and type the first letter of your name. Once you have the letter there, apply and convert to raster layer. Do the same with each letter of your name. Once you have all the letters converted to raster layers, use the Mover Tool to adjust the placement of your letters so that it looks as you want your final name to look.

shtd 2

    Activate your derby hat 1 layer and duplicate it, naming it derby 2. Turn the visibility to it off, and activate your derby hat 1 layer. Move the hat down so that it covers your name completely. If you still have the Guide Lines visible, it will help.

shtd 3

    Open all your layers and crop your image so that it looks like there is a small white frame to your hat and name.

shtd 4

    Open Animation Shop (AS). Minimize it. In PSP, turn the visibility off to all the letters of your name and the derby hat 2. Edit/Copy Merged. Go to AS, right click on the workspace and paste as new animation.

    Back to PSP, close the derby hat 1 and open derby hat 2. Open the layer with the first letter of your name. Edit/Copy Merged. Go back to AS and right click on your image, Paste/After Current Frame. Move the little slider at the bottom of the image, and go back to PSP.

    Close the visibility to the derby hat 2 and open the derby hat 1. In AS paste after the current frame. Slide the little arrow to the right on the bottom of your image. Repeat this pattern until you have all the letters of your name there.

    Go to View/Zoom out by 1. Edit/Select All. Animation/Frame Properties. Change the number to 35. Edit/Select None.

    Right click on the first frame, Frame Properties - change to 100. Right click on the final frame, Frame Properties - change to 100. View your animation and if it is how you want it to look, go to File/Save As.

rising tophat

      Thank you for trying this tutorial!

      To return to the first tutorial, click on the Rising Hat Tutorial; to go on to the next tutorial, click on the Flipping Hat Tutorial.

      Rising Hat Tutorial

      Flipping Hat Tutorial

      This tutorial was written Feb 28, 2008.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie