Crocheted Snowflake

finished snowflake

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    I did this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure the technique would work in other versions as well.

    Supplies: Snowflake Font and the Texture Filter (with Texturizer and Carlique) or just PSP will give similar results.

    NOTE: The font zip is from the internet site I found the font on - please read the "read me text" contained within the zip.

    Step 1. Open a 300x300 transparent image. Add a new raster layer, naming it bg. Flood fill with a soft dark color to set off the white snowflake. I am using #8a99be for the demonstration.

    Step 2. Add a vector layer, naming it flake. Activate your Text Tool and open the font. For this flake, I used the lpsnowflake font, the letter K, capital, at size 150. I used white for my Background/Fill and the Foreground/Stroke was null.

    If the flake doesn't appear centered, go to Objects/Align/Horizontal Center in Canvas. You can only use this on vector layers, but it works great.

    This is what you should have so far. (Screen shots in some cases are resized so yours won't be the same size but still should look like the shot.)

vector flake

    Step 3. Right click on the flake layer in the Layer Palette and Convert to a Raster Layer.

    Step 4. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel as in the screen shot.

snowflake inner bevel

    Step 5. Now it is time to add the effects to change the appearance of the fIake. Here are three various effects I think work fairly well. The first one is using Effects/ Texture/Weave with the following settings.

texture weave       weave flake

    This flake is using Effects/Texture/Blinds with the following settings. Reapply it checking the horizontal box.

texture blinds       blinds flake

    This flake is using an outside filter - the Texturizer of the Texture filter. I tried to see where I downloaded it from, but couldn't find it. There is one that is free under the Redfield filters, but I couldn't figure out how to work it to get the appearance I wanted. If you have this filter, it does make it look more like it is crocheted. I applied it twice.

texture_texturizer       settings_texturizer       texturizer_flake

    Step 6. Activate the "bg" layer, and add a new raster layer, naming it string. We have to have a hanger on our flake so we can hang it on our tree! : ) If you would rather not use the snowflake as an ornament, just skip ahead to Step 9 to apply the Drop Shadow.

    Step 7. Activate the Pen Tool, activating the Draw Freehand. Line width 3, line style solid and the anti-alias box checked. All other boxes unchecked. Have the Stroke/Foreground white and the Fill/Background null. Draw a line similar to the one in the screen shot, or however you want yours to be. Don't worry about it being wiggly, as this is string we are making!


    Step 8. Apply the same inner bevel as before and then apply the same texture you applied before.

    Step 9. Apply Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow in the following settings to both the flake layer and the string layer.

drop shadow

    Congratulations, you are finished!

    Here are some variations with various letters of the font used.

finished snowflake       finished snowflake 2

finished snowflake 3       varied snowflakes

    Thank you for trying this Crocheted Snowflake tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.

      This tutorial was written November 10, 2008.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie