Autumn Windchimes Construction Kit

leaf windchime       pumpkin windchime

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    I used a transparent image, 400x400 to make both of the images shown. That gave me plenty of room to play with the various images I copied and pasted to make the two autumn windchimes. You can add a background before you make the image, but these supplies show up pretty well without one.

    Supplies: Windchime Parts.

    The supplies contain two large pumpkins and one large fall leaf, as well as small leaves, beads, small pumpkins, rings, hangers, string and various other objects. You may use any of these or use your own. Feel free to resize the beads as you see fit. I didn't use any in either of my windchimes, so they may still be a bit large. Use your imagination and creativity to make your own windchimes - mine are just a guide line.

    All of these images were created in version 9 and will work in versions 9 through XII (12). You may tube the images to your picture tubes or just do the copy and paste. I saved them as a .psp, so they will be more compatible.

    You can use a light drop shadow on each of items - V&H 0; Opacity 35; Blur 3, and color of your choice - this is up to you.

leaf windchime       pumpkin windchime

    Thank you for trying this. I hope you enjoyed it.

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      This tutorial/construction kit was written September 1, 2009.

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