Heart Frame

final heart frame

    Please read my Terms of Use at the bottom of this tutorial. I hate having to state them, but in this day and age, it is necessary.

    I did the work for this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure the technique would work in other versions as well. This tutorial uses Vectors, but it is only to draw the initial heart. There is no node manipulation. It is a not a very long tutorial but if you save it frequently, you can always stop work on it and then go back to it at another time.

    To do this tutorial, you will need a basic knowledge of PSP.

    Remember to save often! You can save it as a pspimage in the folder of your choice. (This is another reason I have a folder with the name of the tutorial, so that I can also put my pspimages in it to save and "play" with later!) I later move the folder to within another folder that I keep all my tutorial folders and other PSP things in. I am giving you the directions to make the heart frame the way I did it, but please use your own imagination and get creative!

    1. Open a 400x400 transparent image. Stroke/Foreground: #ff0000 (or color of your choice); Fill/background: null.


    2. Add a new Vector layer, naming it "heart 1".

    3. Activate the Preset Shapes tool and find heart 1. Use the following settings: Anti-alias and Create as Vector boxes: checked; Retain style box: unchecked; Width: 20; Miter limit: 15.



    4. Draw a heart out to 340x340. You can see the size at the bottom of the workspace.


    5. We want the image to be in the center of the image, so go to Objects/Align/Center in Canvas


    6. Right click on the heart 1 layer and Convert to Raster Layer.


    7. Right click on heart 1 again, Duplicate. Rename the new layer "heart 2". Go to Image/Resize. Resize to 80%, making sure the "Resize all layers" box is not checked. The "Resample using:" box should say Bicubic or Smart Size.


    8. Duplicate heart 1 and heart 2. Move both heart copies below heart 1, with the "copy of heart 2" being on top. Right click. Merge/Merge Down. Rename this layer "heart background".

layer_palette       layer_palette_changes

    9. Turn off the visibility to the two heart layers, by clicking on the eye icon for each layer. A red X will appear.


    10. Activate the heart background layer. Go to Effects/Texture Effects/Mosaic - Antique. Use the following settings: Number of columns: 50; Number of rows: 50; Tile diffusion: 70; Grout width: 2; Grout diffusion: 50. You can use any texture you want, I just like the way this one looks.

mosaic_effects       mosaic_settings

    11. Turn the visibility back on to the two heart layers, by clicking on the red X. The eye icon will re-appear.


    12. Activate the heart 1 layer. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel. Use the following settings: Bevel: 10; Width: 5; Smoothness: 40; Depth: 37; Ambience: -59 (minus); Shininess: 7; Color: white; Angle: 315; Intensity: 75; Elevation: 83.


    13. Activate the heart 2 layer. Go to Inner Bevel. Use the following settings: Bevel: 10; Width: 3; Smoothness: 40; Depth: 47; Ambience: -67 (minus); Shininess: 10; Color: white; Angle: 315; Intensity: 75; Elevation: 90.



    14. Add a background in the color of your choice (I used white.)

    15. Activate the Magic Wand and the heart 2 layer. Click inside the heart. Go to Selections/Modify/Expand by 2.

    16. Add a new Raster layer, naming it "picture".

    17. Select the photo you want to use and resize it to about 300x320. Go to Edit/Copy. Edit/Paste into Selection.

    18. Go to the top layer in the Layer Palette, which should be the heart 2 layer. Add a new Raster layer, naming it "frame". Fill with the color of your choice. Selections/Select All. Selections/Modify/Contract by 5. Click the DEL key. Delselect by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the D key, or by Selections/Select None.

    19. Apply the same Inner Bevel last used, or one of your own choice.

    Congratulations! Your Heart Frame is finished!

    Thank you for trying my Heart Frame tutorial. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

final heart frame

      This tutorial was written January 18, 2011.

Terms of Use

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