Heart Jewel Variation Tutorial

chrome diamond hearts

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    I wrote this tutorial after doing one of "Pracken's". At the end of her tutorial was a link to another tutorial written with a similar variation. I tried to go to that tutorial, but the site is no longer on the internet. So I played with different settings and filters and came up with this image and then wrote the tutorial. I have written to Pracken to ask her permission to write this and to link to her tutorial. To do this tutorial, you will have to do hers first to get your supplies and to start your image.

    Here is the link to Pracken's Heart Jewel Tutorial: Pracken's Paint Shop Pro Tutorials Heart Jewels

    Pracken uses Super Blade Pro for her silver effects, but I don't have that filter, so I used the Ulead Effects/Art Texture and Eye Candy 4.0 for my effects. Ulead Effects is a free filter, but Eye Candy 4.0 is a paid one. I have included Eye Candy 3 (free) settings which will also work, and inner bevel settings that work, too, if you don't have either of the Eye Candy filters.

    Draw your heart, as Pracken directs, then when she says to apply the Super Blade effects, use one of the following to get your silver heart. Keep your heart selected.

    Remember to SAVE often so that you don't lose all of your hard work!

Inner Bevel settings and results:

screen shot 1       bevel results

Eye Candy 3 settings and results

eye candy 3 settings       eye candy 3 results

Eye Candy 4 settings and results:

EC4 basic settings       EC4 chrome lighting settings

EC4 bevel settings       EC4 results


    Using the Point to Point Selection tool, draw a straight line from the top center of your heart to the bottom center of your heart and around over the right half of your heart.

sht 2

    Move cursor into the selected area and left click once. This will move the marching ants to surround just the side of the heart.

sht 3


    Keep the right side of the heart selected and go to Effects/Ulead Effects/Art Texture and use the following settings.

sht 4

    To get the grey scale part of the palette, click on the edit button on the left of the screen. I used palette 9. To get the boxes, click on the Load Lib.... button -on the right of the screen. I used number 8 - click ok, then redo your palette to palette 9, and you should have the settings in the screen shot. If you don't, play a bit until you have something you like.


sht 5

    Keeping the heart selected, go to Adjust/Brightness and Contrast. I used Brightness at 76, and Contrast at 0.

sht 7



    Resize the heart to 75%, using the Smart Size box checked and making sure you don't have the All Layers Box checked! Sharpen. Move your heart to the upper right. Duplicate the heart and move it down to the lower left, keeping the hearts overlapping some. Go to Adjust/Sharpness/Unsharp Mask and use the following settings:

unsharp mask settings

    You can leave your hearts with just the one over the other, or you can make them look intertwined. The easiest way I have found is to zoom your image to about 200-250%. Lower the opacity of the second/top heart to about 74. As you look at your image you will be able to see the lines of the bottom heart through the top heart. Using your eraser set about 4-5, carefully erase the little part of the top heart so the bottom heart shows through.

    In the following screen shot, the little area labeled 1 shows the area to be worked on. The little area labeled 2 shows the top heart's opacity at 74. The area labled final is what it looks like after the little part is erased.

intertwine steps


    The hearts are now ready to be decorated. Use jewels or pearls and place them where you want. Save as a pspimage so you can adjust or make changes later. You can also Edit/Copy Merged and Paste/As New Image - and then tube it! Using it as a tube, you can scale the size up or down without losing any of the clarity or sharpness of the image.

bevel hearts with pearl       chrome diamond hearts       animated diamond hearts

    Thank you for trying my tutorial and I hope you found it easy to understand and do!!

      This tutorial was written January 21, 2008.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie