Irish Kitty Kit

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irish kitty

    To do this kit, you will need knowledge of how to work in PSP, and the following zips.


    Kitty Parts


    Within the zip are five pspimages, three of kitty parts in three various colors and a shamrock and a pspimage of several flowers. Unzip them and put the images in your PSP workspace, and minimize them for now. All the images were made in version 9.

    Open a transparent image, 350x350. Fill the raster layer with a dark color for the white kitty, and a bit lighter for the other kitty colors (gray striped and black).

    Open the pspimages that you want to use, the color of kitty and the shamrock to make an Irish kitty, or a flower to make a "Spring" kitty. Copy and paste the parts onto the new image. I put the shamrock on first and positioned it, then pasted the tail under the shamrock, with the head and paws going on top of the shamrock. Position the kitty parts as you want them and add a text on the shamrock (if you want), add your name and you are finished. Feel free to add any embellishments you want! See what you could do with it in Animation Shop!

    There are already drop shadows applied to each part of the grey kitty parts and the shamrock, but if you want to add more, it is up to you!

    Here are some other examples to show you how I played with these parts.

flower kitty

irish kitty       white irish kitty       black irish kitty

      This tutorial was written January 10, 2009.

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