Battenburg Lace Construction Kit

example 2

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    Kit Supplies .

    Within the zip are two sets of pspimages (created in PSP version 9) of Battenburg Lace parts that I drew myself - all lines are drawn - so you don't have to!! : ) There are also two sets of pspimages of shapes - circle, oval, rectangles, squares, etc. The images in each pspimage are each on their own layers on a black background for each pspimage.

    I will show two examples of how to put some of these together, and you can either use them for your images or create your own. The lace parts are rather large, so will have to be resized . They resize and colorize well. All of the shapes have had texture applied to them to give them a linen appearance.

    First example - the square with the rounded corners. Then the multi ovals lace part, and something to put in each corner.

screen shot 1       screen shot 2

    This image is almost finished - just need to "connect" the lace parts with "stitching". Zoom the image to 200%. Activate your straight line pen tool; foreground - white; background - null. Line width 2. Add a new raster layer for your "stitches".

    Basically you are just drawing lines to connect the areas. Do the same kind of lines on each side.

stitches top       shot 4

    Time to make "knots" on all the stitching find the small round dot on the lace parts. To use it, you will probably have to resize it 50% or more. This goes over the small areas where the lines intersect.

shot 5

    Here is my finished example.

example 1

    Time for the second example! I picked some lace parts, resized and placed them all next to each other - I left the first part, the heart, at the original size and reduced each of the others to 50%. This is just a matter of placing what you want, where you want.

shot 6

    With resizing, and rotating the images, they have blurred slightly, and also lightened - so I duplicated each layer and then merge down - so the image will now look like the following screen shot. I didn't do this to the top, bottom and heart images though. Apply the stitch lines, and the apply the knots.

example 2

    Here are some other samples to show other ideas.

samples 4 lace contruc kit

    I hope you not only enjoyed trying this construction kit, but that you also had fun! Thank you for trying this Lace Construction Kit.

      This tutorial was written January 8, 2008.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie