Smiling mouth - Animal mouth

opening smile       animal mouth       <big

    Have you ever wanted to draw a better looking mouth? One where the line for the mouth varies in thickness from wide in the middle and narrow at the ends? Here is a neat way to do accomplish that.

    I will be showing how to do the mouth and will have it on a couple of various faces - but this tut is just for the mouths.

    You can download two faces that I have prepared to do your practicing on. In doing the girl face, I used this same technique to give her eyebrows. Because I used a deep brown, I lowered the opacity in the layer palette. You can use these faces in the zip or make your own, or just practice on a blank image.

    You can get my supplies here.

    I used version 9 to make the zipped images, and to do this work in. It should work in any version. Each image is in layers, so that you can move the nose, cheeks, eyes if you want.

    First I will do a "human" face and mouth - cartoon style of course, not a real portrait kind. I have drawn a small face and now will show how to do the mouth. Since this little girl is in color, I will give her a big red smile.

    Activate your head layer. Add a new vector layer, name it mouth. Activate your preset shapes, the ellipse. Anti-alias checked; Create as vector checked, solid line style; Width 0. Foreground null; Background color a shade of red - I used #FF0000. While holding down the shift key, and holding down the right key on your mouse, you will draw a circle of about 100 x 100. This will vary in size depending on the size of your image. You can always start with the 100 x 100, and either make it smaller or larger with the object selection tool. Move it to the place you want the smile to be - which will come from the bottom of the circle. You might have to move it some more when you are finished. Once you have it in place, convert to a raster layer.

sht 1

    I also tried this with an oval instead of a circle - the oval makes the smile or arc even wider in the middle.

    Activate your selection tool, and go to Circle in the Selection type. Mode: Replace; Feather: 0. To do the circle right, you have to start in the center of where you want your circle marching ants to be. Now if you are like me, you might have to redo this a few times until you get your selection circle where you want it! If you need to do it over, just right click and the marching ants will disappear! You are supposed to be able to move the selection, but I have never been able to get it to work!

sht 2

    Once you have your selection circle where you want it, then hit delete. The red within the circle will be cleared! Deselect.

sht 3

    Use your mover tool to move your smile into place. Mine is a bit cock-eyed, so I am going to use my Image/Free Rotate and rotate it to the right about 5 degrees.

sht 4       sht 5

girl smile

Animal Mouth

    I have a kitty face here, and it is time to add the mouth for it. Activate the muzzle layer, add a new vector layer, name it mouth. Activate the preset ellipse shape; Anti-alias checked; Create as a vector checked, line style solid; width 0. Foreground null; Background Black. Hold down your shift key, and your right mouse key and draw a circle about 50 x 50. Once you have the circle drawn, move it into place and then convert to a raster layer.

sht 6       sht 7

    Activate the selection tool, using the circle. Mode; Replace; Feather: 0. To get the selection, you have to start in the center of where you want your circle to be. The center being the center vertically, but a bit higher than the center horizontally.

sht 8

    Once you have the marching ants where you want them, click on delete. The black within your selection should disappear. Deselect.

sht 9

    Duplicate the layer and mirror it. Use your mover tool to move it into place. Right click on the copy of mouth layer, Merge/Merge down.

sht 10


    Here are a few more examples to show some other results/variations.

girl 1       girl 2       girl 3       girl 4
bear 1       bear 2       bear 3