noel final


    Please read my Terms of Use at the bottom of this tutorial. I hate having to state them, but in this day and age, it is necessary.

    I did the work for this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure the technique would work in other versions as well. Remember to save often.

    To do this tutorial, you will need a basic knowledge of PSP and my Noel Supplies.

    Unzip the emerald_fill_ssg.psp into a folder of your choice. I usually make a folder with the name of the tutorial and put the supplies in there for easy access. You can add it to your Patterns, or just have it open in your PSP workspace. I made the fill, so it is safe to use.

    Remember to save often! You can save it as a pspimage in the folder of your choice. (This is another reason I have a folder with the name of the tutorial, so that I can also put my pspimages in it to save and "play" with later!)

    Step 1. Open a transparent image 300x300. Flood fill with white.


    Step 2. Add a new vector layer, naming it "back font". Foreground/Stroke: #ffff00; Background/Fill: #ffff00. Activate the Text Tool and choose a fat font - for this demonstration, I am using Bellbottom. Use the following settings for the Text Tool: Create as: Vector; Direction: Horizontal and Down; Font: BellBottom (or fat font of your choice); Size: 60; Stoke width: 4.0; Font style: B (bold); Alignment: centered; Anti-alias: Sharp; Line style: solid; Leading: 0; Kerning: 0; Tracking: 0.

text tool settings


    Step 3. Type the word NOEL in caps. Deselect by holding down the Ctrl key and the D key or by going to Selections/Select None. In the Layer Palette, right click on the back font layer and Duplicate. Renaming the layer "front font".


    Step 4. In the Layer Palette, open the front font layer by clicking on the plus sign (+). The sublayer will open that says NOEL. Right click on this sublayer, and right click on Properties.


    Step 5. When Properties opens, you will see the following window.

properties window


    Step 6. Left click on the Stroke box to turn off the stroke (marked in the above screen shot with the red arrow). Left click on the Fill box (the color box filled with the bright yellow) and go to Patterns/emerald fill. Angle: 0; Scale: 75 (I thought this scale worked best, but use the scale that suits you.)

material properties       vector properties


    This is how the image should look.

looks 1

    Step 7. Convert the front font layer to a raster layer, and turn the visibility off to it by clicking on the eye icon - a red X will appear.

    Step 8. Activate the back font layer, and convert to a raster layer. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel and apply the following settings: Bevel: 2 (pie shape); Width: 14; Smoothness: 10; Depth: 5; Ambience: -62 (minus); Shininess: 25; Color: white; Angle: 20; Intensity: 59; Elevation: 62.

inner bevel

    This is how the image should look.

looks 2


    Step 9. Turn the visibility on to the front font layer and activate the layer. Adjust/Sharpen/Sharpen More. Using the Mover Tool, click on the emerald layer. Tap the right arrow key about 5 times, then tap the down arrow key about 3 times.

    This is how the image should look.

looks 3

    Step 10. Right click on the front font layer in the Layer Palette and Merge/Merge Down. Add your name and decorate as you like - add glitter, sparkles - use your imagination. Crop the image.


    Congratulations, you are finished!

noel final

    Here are some examples of other fat fonts that work well for this quick tut.

bell bottom

An animated Noel with the BellBottom font.


An animated Noel with the Flubber font.


An animated Noel with the Harquil font.

    Thank you for trying my Noel tutorial and I hope you enjoyed doing it.

      This tutorial was written November 10, 2009.

Terms of Use

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