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October Quick Tut

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Popping Text

    I did this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure it would work in other versions as well.

    We are going to make a letter pop out tag, and since Halloween is coming, I will use black and orange for the colors of my tag. I used the Transylvania font, which is copyrighted, so I can't really share it with you. I apologize and wish I had a free font for you to use. Check out some free fonts to find one you would like to use. It doesn't really have to be a Halloween font, for just using the black and orange colors will make it "Halloweeny"!

    This is a fairly fat font, so if you have a lot of letters in your name, you might want to pick one that is thinner in styles.

    To make this work, we have to type and apply each letter of our name separately -each on its own layer.

    I set my font as create on vector; size 48 (there are only 5 letters in my name, so you might have to adjust yours for the size.); stroke 0.0; anti-alias at smooth. I tried my name in lower case, but did not like the way it appeared, so I put my caps lock on and did each letter as a capital/upper case.

    Open a new transparent image at 300x300. Add a new raster layer and flood fill with black. Name this black bg.

    I used a vibrant orange for my font - #fb9e19, but you can use any color you want. Put the orange or your choice of color in the fill box and null the stroke box.

    Add a vector layer, name it with the first letter of your name. I named mine S. Type in your first layer and click apply, then convert to raster layer. Do like this for each of the letters in your name.

    Once you have your name all typed in, turn off the visibility to your raster 1 layer and your black bg layer, but highlight the black bg layer, and then go to Edit/Copy Merged. Then go to paste as new layer, and rename it name. If you forgot to have your black bg layer highlighted, just move the name layer to the top of the black bg layer.

    Now highlight the first letter of your name, and duplicate it. Click on Image/Resize and enlarge that letter to 120% - be sure the all layers box is unchecked. Do this to each of the letters of your name. You can rename each of these duplicate layers if you want, but it is not necessary.

    Once you have all these layers, crop your image to a size you want. After I cropped mine, I added a new raster layer at the top of the palette, named it frame . I flooded the layer with the orange. I then went to Selections/select all; Selections/Modify/Contract by 5. I then hit delete to get rid of that smaller selected area. I then inverted my selection and gave it an inner bevel. Bevel - #2; Width -15; Smoothness - 40; Depth - 1; Ambience - 0; Shininess - 80; Elevation - 40.

    Optional : if you want an image of a ghost or anything else to do with Halloween, put it on its own layer and make sure the visibility is always on for it so that it gets merged in with each of the other layers. This text could also be done in other holiday colors with added holiday images, as well as just any colors on a white background with any picture tube used as an image with it.

    Open Animation Shop (AS) and minimize it. Turn off the visibility to all the layers except : Raster 1; black bg; and the layer with the last letter of your name and any layers you put a tube on.

    Edit/Copy merged - restore AS, and paste as a new image. (Right click on the workspace and click on the "paste as new image.")

    Go back to PSP, turn off the visibility to the last letter of your name, and turn the visibility of the next letter on. Edit/Copy Merged, and restore AS - right click on your image already there, and then click on Paste/Before current image.

    Repeat this for all the letter layers of your name until you have them all pasted in AS. Then do the same thing for your name layer. By going down the layer palette and pasting before the current image, you will have them in correct order. Click on the animation icon and see if you like it. I just left mine at the speed of 10, but you can use any speed you want.

    Have fun!

    Here are some other examples of the variations I used, as well as the initial result.

sample 1       sample 2       sample 3       sample 4

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie