Santa Hat Vectors

final hat EC4

    Please read my Terms of Use at the bottom of this tutorial. I hate having to state them, but in this day and age, it is necessary.

    I did the work for this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure the technique would work in other versions as well. This tutorial uses vectors with node adjustment. It is a not a very long tutorial but if you save it frequently, you can always stop work on it and then go back to it at another time.

    To do this tutorial, you will need a basic knowledge of PSP and Eye Candy. I give directions for both version 3.1 and 4000 of Eye Candy, so you can use either one.

    Remember to save often! You can save it as a pspimage in the folder of your choice. (This is another reason I have a folder with the name of the tutorial, so that I can also put my pspimages in it to save and "play" with later!) I later move the folder to within another folder that I keep all my tutorial folders and other PSP things in.

    1. Open a new transparent image, 300x300. If you have a specific item, such as an animal to put the Santa hat on, it is best to Edit/Copy the head onto the new image so you can judge the size needed, but you can just do the hat and then resize and/or use the Raster Deform to make it fit. Using the shade of red that you want, I am using #ff0000 for mine - Stroke/Foreground: null; Fill/Background: #ff0000 (or shade of red of your choice).


    2. Add a new Vector layer, naming it "hat". Open the Presets Shape and click on the ellipse. Draw a circle (doesn't have to be a perfect circle) slightly near the bottom of the image as in the screen shot.


    3. Go to Objects/Align/Horiz.Center in Canvas.



    4. Activate the Pen Tool on the side tool bar and the Edit Mode in the upper tool bar.


    5. Right click on the bottom node, and the window shown in the screen shot will appear - click on Symmetric.



    6. Push the node up as shown in the screen shot - you will move it until the handles are about level with the two side nodes.


    7. Click on the Left side node, and move the right handle up to about level with the center node. This node is a Cusp node so it will make it look like a corner once you move the handle.



    8. Now do the same with the other side node - as shown in the screen shot. These two moves don't have to be really accurate, as they will be covered with the furry brim.


    9. Click on the top node, and pull each of the handles down and in towards the center as shown in the screen shot. This will make the point on the hat. Move the handles until you have the "point" you like, remembering you can continue to adjust the handles once you have the furry brim and tassel on. (Note: If you want the hat to have the point hanging down, move the pointed node to either side and down. You will have to add more nodes to add a bit more shape to the hat. I am just showing the basics in this tutorial.)



    10. Deselect this layer by going to Selections/Select None or by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the D key.

    11. Add a new vector layer, naming it "brim". Change the Fill/Background to white. I leave my Fill/Foreground null, but you can have it filled with a light gray, darker gray, or even black. If you do add a color, have the Width on your ellipse shape at 1.


    12. Using the same settings as for the hat, draw an ellipse, similar to the screen shot. Don't worry about getting it perfectly centered as you can use the Objects/Align/Horz. Center in Canvas to center the brim over the hat.



    13. Using the Pen Tool, right click on the bottom node and change it to Symmetric. Move it up some as shown in the screen shot. Don't worry if the bottom of your hat shows, as you can adjust that once you have the shape on the brim.


    14. Click on the top node and change it to Symmetric, also and then move it up to about the height you want the brim to be.


    15. Click on the left side node, when the handles appear, pull up on the top handle to the height you want, and then do the same with the other side node. The first screen shot shows the handles and the arrows, and the second shows about where I want the height to be.

#12       #13


    16. Holding the cursor over the line of the brim, you will see a ~, hold down the Ctrl key and left click with your mouse - this will add a new node. Do this on both sides about where the arrows show. Then edit the new nodes to be Asymmetrical.


    17. Pull each of these new nodes out and up a bit till you get the shape you want for the brim.



    18. Add a new vector layer, naming it "tassel". Using the same settings for the colors you used for the brim, and again using the ellipse preset shape, draw a circle over the point of the hat.


    19. The hat is now drawn! Now for some final adjustments on its appearance. If you want your hat to look basically as it does now (screen shot #17), then activate the hat layer in the Layers Palette, clicking on the + sign next to the layer to open the layer. Click on the ellipse sub-layer to highlight it, and then click on the bottom node of the hat, and move it up under the edge of the brim. If you want your hat to look more hat than brim, highlight the brim layer and that ellipse layer and click on the preset shapes icon and move the brim down to where you want it placed.

#17       #18


    Note: Once I have my hat as I want it, I save it in vector layers as a psp or as a pspimage in a folder, and then make a duplicate of it to work on for my finished product. In case you forgot, to make a duplicate, hold down the Shift key and click on the D key.

    20. Now to work on our final adjustments. Covert each of the layers to a Raster layer. I then start with my bottom layer, the hat layer. Highlight it. To give it more dimension, I put a Cutout on it. Go to Selections/Select All. Selections/Float. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout. I used the following settings for my basic shade of red: V&H: 0; Opacity: 100; Blur: 20; Shadow color: #bf0707. Deselect.

hat cutout

    21. Activate the brim layer. Go to Effects - Eye Candy 3/Jiggle: Use the following settings: Bubble size: 15; Warp Amount: 15; Twist: 20; Movement Type: Turbulence.

    If you have Eye Candy 4 - use these settings: Jiggle; Movement Type: Brownian Motion; Bubble size: 10.17; Warp Amount: 3.93; Twist: 90; Random Seed: 1.

EC3 jiggle

EC4 jiggle


    22. Apply the same Eye Candy settings to the tassel as well.

    23. Activate the brim layer. Selections/Select All. Selections/Float. Use the following Cutout settings: V&H: 0; Opacity: 100; Blur: 20; Shadow color: #c0c0c0. Deselect.

hat fur cutout


    24. Activate the tassel layer. Float and use the same Cutout settings just used!

    Congratulations! Your hat is finished!

    Thank you for trying my Santa Hat Vectors tutorial. I hope you enjoyed yourself, and maybe learned a little something! I know you got in some vector practice!

final hat EC3       final hat EC4

Hat with EC 3 jiggle                   Hat with EC4 jiggle

      This tutorial was written November 23, 2010.

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