Scraps Construction Kit

    This was written for version 9, and all the supplies offered were created in version 9 as pspimages. The zip contains papers, hearts, buttons, butterflies, flowers and balloons. The second zip has several tags, circle and rounded rectangle. There are two pspimgages in the tags zip, each pspimage has several layers with a separate tag on each layer. The third zip has more papers and some bows and ribbon streamers, as well as a couple of pearl stick pins. You can either tube all of these or just copy and paste from the pspimage. Feel free to use any of these and also add anything of your own that you wish. Also please feel free to alter any of these images to suit your ideas.

Scraps Supplies Zip

Scraps Tags Zip

More Scraps Zip

    To make the tag shown below, I started with a transparent image, 300 x 300. I flood filled it with white to give a background to my image. I next added two of the "papers", each on its own layer. I resized them a bit smaller and then rotated them. You can either use the "Free Rotate" at 15-20 degrees, or use the Raster Deform tool to angle it to your liking.

    If you would like to colorize them to your own favorite shades - go for it!

    I then put each of the other items that I wanted on the tag on their own layers onto the image and then did any resizing, colorizing or postioning once they were all on there. Once I had the tag as I wanted it, I added a drop shadow to each layer. The settings I used were V & H: 1; Opacity: 35; Blur: 5; Color: Black. You can either use these settings, or ones of your own. Once all this is finished, your tag is finished!

    These are just some basic tubes I made. Be creative, add your own tubes, your own ideas. Use your imagination! Have fun!

    Here is a tag I made with a few of these supplies.

scrap tag construction kit