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final bow

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    I did this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure the technique would work in other versions as well. You will need Dragonfly Sinedots II filter to do this tutorial. This is a free program.

    The presets I used for the two parts of the bow came from two different sites. The settings are a part of this tutorial. The half bow came from an egg tutorial from Mar at Jumbo PSP, and the ribbon preset came from Essex Girl. Many Sinedot presets are available on Essex Girl's site for download.

    Open a transparent image, 350x350. Add a new raster layer, naming it "half bow" or something similar. Go to Effects/Dragonfly/Sinedots II. Type in the settings in the screen shot for the half bow.

half bow settings from Mar

    If the settings in the screen shot are too hard to read, here are the settings:

Inner Density: 0.7;
Outer density: 2;
Add factor: 0.25;
x1-x2 weight: -0.62;
y1-y2 weight: -0.03;
randomize: 1.

X1: 240.65;
X2: 6,70;
Y1: 55.00;
Y2: 254.20.
gamma: 1.45;
blend: screen;
color: #0000c0.

Inner Angles:
Left column: 0/28.40;
Right Column: -1/325.25;
Right: 0/20.26.

Outer Angles:
Left: 0/257.26
Right: -1/195.85;
Left: 0/17.65;
Right: -1/131.75.

    With the blend being on screen, you should be able to change the color easier for the color you want. I made this a blue, but you can put other colors in so the choice is yours. When you are finished, save your settings by clicking on "Save" so you can use them again. click OK and your half bow will appear on your image in the lower left corner.

half bow

    Reduce the size of your half bow to 50% under Image/Resize, making sure the "resize all layers" box is unchecked. Go to Image/Rotate/Free Rotate -Right 30 degrees. This will straighten your half bow. Use the Mover Tool to move it up on the image. Right click on the layer for the right half bow and Duplicate it. Go to Image/Mirror and use the Mover tool to move it into place so the two narrowed "points" touch each other.

bow halves

    Turn the visibility off to the two half bow layers, so it is easier to see your new image. Add a new raster layer, name it ribbon. Go to Sinedots II, and type in the following settings:

lower ribbon settings

    Again, if the settings in the screen shot are too hard to read, here are the settings:

Inner Density: 1.36;
Outer density: 2;
Add factor: 0.33;
x1-x2 weight: -0.02;
y1-y2 weight: 0.05;
randomize: 1.

X1: 135.00;
X2: 138.01;
Y1: 279.46;
Y2: 341.57.
gamma: 1;
blend: screen;
color: #0000c0.

Inner Angles:
Left column: -1/110.56;
Right Column: 1/198.43;
Right: 1/48.81.

Outer Angles:
Left: 0/0.00
Right: 0/28.30;
Left: -1/281.31;
Right: -0/212.47.

    When you are satisfied with the settings and the color, click on save and save them for future use. Then click on OK to apply them.

lower ribbon

    Your ribbon will appear on your image, almost the full length of the image. I resized mine 50%. The ribbon is at an angle and the angle will work with the bow parts, but I altered my angle to have it hanging straight down, by going to Image/Rotate/Free Rotate - Left 30 degrees. Move the ribbon layer under the two bow halves in the layer palette. Turn the visibility to the two bow halves layers on. Right click on any layer and Merge/Merge Visible. To make the color of the bow more intense, I duplicated mine and then merged the two layers.

You can now save as a picture tube. Most sinedot images handle colorizing well, so when you use your tube, and need or want a different color, try colorizing it to the color you want. The purple and green bows were colorized.

final bow       final bow       final bow

      This tutorial was written March 10, 2008.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie