Sinedot II Apple Tutorial

sinedot apple

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    I did this tutorial in PSP version 9, but it should work in other versions as well.

Supplies: Sinedots II filter, which you can download and install from here - Sinedots II Filter

You will also need some presets and you will find them contained in the presets offered by Essexgirl at Presets Download the entire set, not just the individual sets.

    NOTE: Within my presets folder in My Documents, I have a folder named sinedotsII and that is where I put all my cfg extensions or sinedot presets. That way I don't have to search for them alphabetically with all the other presets that are in that main folder.

    Let's get started!

    1. Open a new image, 200x200, transparent. Flood fill it with white and rename it white bg. Add a new raster layer, naming it apple.

    2. Activate the Sinedots II filter, and open the c-to-d.cfg. Open the cat_body, and click OK.

    3. Resize the image 75%, making sure the "Resize all layers" box is NOT checked. Image/Flip and move it closer to the bottom.

shot 1a

    4. Activate the Push Tool, size 30, hardness 50, step 10, density and opacity 100. Push the top center of the apple down a bit.

shot 1

    5. Add a new raster layer, naming it stem. Activate the Sinedots II filter and open curl. Change the blend to screen and the color to #004000. Click OK.

    6. Duplicate the stem and right click on the duplicated layer and Merge/Merge Down.

    7. Activate the Freehand Selection tool and draw a shape similar to the screen shot.

shot 2

    8. Click on the Delete key and Deselect by clicking on the Ctrl and d keys. Use the Mover Tool to move the stem into place.

shot 3

    9. Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow - use the settings below and apply it to both the stem and the apple.

shot 4

    Your apple is now finished - you can tube it or save as a pspimage to play with again.

shot 5 final image

    Thank you for trying this Sinedot II Apple tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.

      This tutorial was written August 17, 2008.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie