Sinedot II Bear Tutorial

sinedot girl bear

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    I did this tutorial in PSP version 9, but it should work in other versions as well.

Supplies: Sinedots II filter, which you can download and install from here - Sinedots II Filter

You will also need some presets and you will find them contained in the presets offered by Essexgirl at Presets Download the entire set, not just the individual sets.

    Bear Face

    NOTE: Within my presets folder in My Documents, I have a folder named sinedotsII and that is where I put all my cfg extensions or sinedot presets. That way I don't have to search for them alphabetically with all the other presets that are in that main folder.

    Let's get started!

    1. Open a new image, 300x300, transparent. Add a new raster layer, naming it white bg. Flood fill it with white. This can be a temporary background just to enable you to see the sinedot images easier, or you can leave it when you are finished.

    2. Add a new raster layer, naming it head. Go to Effects/Dragonfly/Sinedots II. This is the window you will see. Note the arrow at the bottom pointing to the word open. Click on open. Sometimes I have to click on the "open" a second time to get it to open.

sinedots window

    2a. You should see the following screen shot when it opens. You can see my sinedotsII folder in my presets. If you have one, open it, otherwise, scroll through all your presets to find the one listed below for doing the bear's head.

presets window

    2b. Open the presets and open the a-to-b.cfg. Click on the arrow to open the presets, and scroll to the bear.

presets folder window

    3. When the window opens, the blend is on normal, change it to screen and left click on the color and change it to #824600. It will appear as an orange, as you can see in the screen shot.

bear head

    4. Resize the head to 40%, making sure the "Resize all layers" box is NOT checked.

    5. Adjust/Brightness-Contrast - adjust the Brightness to -100 (minus 100); Contrast to 0.

    6. Move the head closer to the top of the image and try to center it as much as possible.


    7. Activate the white bg layer, add a new raster layer, naming it body. Activate your Sinedots II filter, and open the presets again, this time opening the c-to-d.cfg. Scroll down to the cat_body.

    8. This one is on the "blend - screen", so just change your color to the #824600 and click ok.

    9. Activate the Raster Deform Tool, go to the top node and move it down to 115 - using the side ruler. Go to the bottom node and move it to 290 - using the side ruler. Go to the left node and move it to the right to 60 and move the right node to the left to 240 - using the top ruler.

altering body size       altering body size 2

    10. Adjust/Brightness and Contrast - brightness at -100. Hitting Shift and b will also open the Brightness and Contrast window.

    11. Add a new raster layer, naming it L foot. Activate the Sinedots II filter, open the cats_eye image, changing the color to #824600.

    12. Activate the Selection Tool and the Ellipse. Placing your cursor at 150x150, draw an ellipse that goes to the top and bottom of the image. (First screen shot.) Go to Selections/Invert and then hit the Delete key. (Second screen shot.) Deselect (Ctrl and D keys).

selecting foot       deleting excess

    13. Resize 50% and using the Mover Tool, move to the lower L corner of the body. Adjust/Brightness-Contrast - Brightness to -100; Contrast to 0. Activate the Selection Tool again, and draw an ellipse as in the screen shot - to cover the small inner oval.

selecting inner foot

    14. Adjust/Colorize (or click on Shift and L) - Hue - 245; Saturation - 255. Deselect (Ctrl and D). Duplicate and Mirror, renaming the new layer R foot.

colorizing inner foot       feet

    15. Add a new raster layer, naming it L arm. Sinedots II filter - open cobra_3. Change the blend to screen and the color to #824600. Resize 50%. Activate the Freehand Selection Tool, and draw something similar to the screen shot. Click on the Delete key. Deselect with Ctrl and d keys.

arm change

    16. Move into place. Activate the Freehand Selection Tool and draw another selection similar to the screen shot. Click on the Delete key and then Deselect.

arm change 2

    17. Adjust the brightness as before. Duplicate and Mirror. Move the arms as you want them placed. Rename the new layer R arm. You can use the Raster Deform Tool and while holding down the Shift key pull the Right bottom corner node down some (on the L arm) and do the same on the R arm to make them look a bit better. I also used the Eraser tool at size 5 to erase a bit of the upper arms where they meet the head.

arms final

    18. Add a new raster layer, naming it L ear. Activate the Sinedots IIfilter, and open the cat_body. Change the color to #824600, and click OK.

    19. Resize 20% and using the Raster Deform Tool, move it to the Left side of the head as in the screen shot.

L ear

    20. Adjust the brightness as before. Duplicate the ear and resize 50%. Colorize to Hue - 245; Saturation - 255. Right click on this new layer, Merge/Merge Down. Duplicate again, Mirror and move into place on the Right side of the head, renaming this layer R ear.

L ear       ears

    21. Activate the L arm layer, add a new raster layer, naming it L paw. Sinedots II filter/cat_body - change color to #824600 and click OK. Resize 10%. Adjust the brightness as before.

L paw

    22. Duplicate and Mirror. Rename this new layer R paw. Move each paw to where you want it.


    23. Copy and paste the bear face from the bear_face_ssg.pspimage on top of the head layer.

    Here is my final bear, leaving the white background on.


    Here is another version where I duplicated and then merged down each of the parts.

final bear 2

    Thank you for trying this Sinedot II Bear tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.

      This tutorial was written August 17, 2008.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie