spring bouquet

Spring Bouquet Kit

    Please read my Terms of Use at the bottom of this tutorial. I hate having to state them, but in this day and age, it is necessary.

    To do this kit, you will need knowledge of how to work in PSP, and the following zip.

    Kit Supplies .

    Within the zip is a pspimage with flowers, leaves and stems. Unzip them and put the image in your PSP workspace, and minimize it for now. The image was made in version 9.

    Open a transparent image, 300x300. Fill the raster layer with a dark color, as a temporary background.

    Open the pspimage and copy and paste the parts onto the new image. I put the stems and leaves on first and positioned them.

    Next I started copying and pasting the various flower onto the image. Some I resized by 75% and some I angled with the Raster Deform Tool (as well as resizing). There are no rules, just be creative and put the flowers where you want and position how you want. Colorize them if you want! Add your name, and any embellishments you want - change your background to white or a color of your choice. Crop if necessary and/or resize to make a smaller image. See what you could do with it in Animation Shop!

    Congratulations - you are finished! I hope you had fun playing with this little kit. Thank you for playing with it.

spring bouquet       spring bouquet 2

      This tutorial was written March 22, 2009.

Terms of Use

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