final diamond image

Stained Glass Heart

    Please read my Terms of Use at the bottom of this tutorial. I hate having to state them, but in this day and age, it is necessary.

    I did the work for this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure the technique would work in other versions as well.

    To do this tutorial, you will need a basic knowledge of PSP; outlines for the heart and rose and some "stained glass". I used stained glass from the Voice, which you can download here.

    Download the Outlines here.

    Within the zip are two pspimages - an outline of a heart and one of a rose. Open these in PSP, and minimize.

    Remember to save often! You can save it as a pspimage in the folder of your choice. (I often make a folder with the name of the tut for my images, especially if I make more than one - you know, do a bit of playing with it!)

    1. Open the heart_outline.pspimage, and make a duplicate copy so that you can use the image again if you want, by clicking on Shift and D. Close the original image.


    2. Activate the Magic Wand, and the heart layer in the Layer Palette. Click inside the heart outline - between the two lines. Go to Selections/Modify/Expand - 1 pixel.

heart outline


    3. Activate the "Raster 1" layer and add a new raster layer, naming it glass. Activate the Flood Fill tool and fill the glass layer with one of the stained glass colors. For this image, I used 309s. Deselect.


    4. Activate the "heart" layer, and go to Effects/Texture Effects/Sculpture. Use the gold preset as shown in the screen shot, using any gold pattern you have that you like. Apply twice to make the gold look more like gold leading. Some gold patterns even need to be applied three times - play with it and see what looks good to you!



    5. Right click on the heart outline layer in the Layer Palette, Merge/Merge Down. Rename the layer heart.

filled heart


    6. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow and apply the following drop shadow or one of your choice. V&H 2; Opacity 85; Blur 4.


    7. Minimize this image and open the rose_outline.pspimage . Duplicate it and close the original image. Activate the "Raster 1" layer and add a new raster layer, naming it rose glass.


    NOTE: The bottom petal on the right, could also be filled as a leaf. For this image, I used it as a petal, and on the other examples at the bottom of the tutorial, I used it as a second leaf.

    8. Making sure you are on the "rose outline" layer, use the Magic Wand to click in each of the rose areas, except the leaf. If you have the Magic Wand on the "Add" setting and hold down the Shift key, you can click on each of the rose petal areas and have them all selected! Go to Selections/Modify/Expand - 1 pixel, again.

rose outline


    9. Activate the Flood Fill tool and fill each of the areas with a shade of stained glass that you want. For this image, I used 152A.



    10. Activate the "rose outline" layer again in the Layer Palette, and use the Magic Wand to select the inside of the leaf. Selections/Modify/Expand - 1 pixel. Fill with a shade of green stained glass that you like. I used 125A.

leaf filled


    11. Activate the rose outline layer, go to Effects/Texture Effects/Sculpture and use the gold preset again. Reapply as you did before.

finished rose


    12. Merge the rose layers (Merge Visible) and apply the same Drop Shadow as before. Since we haven't changed the settings, they should be the same.


    13. Go to Edit/Copy. Activate the top layer of the heart image, which should be the heart, and go to Edit/Paste as a new layer.


    14. Go to Image/Resize and resize 50%, making sure the "Resize all layers box is unchecked". Use the Mover Tool to place your rose where you want it.

    Congratulations! You are finished. Now you can add a background and any embellishments you want.

final diamond image

    Here are a couple more examples, to show a few things I played with for this image.

heart  rose 2       heart  rose 3

heart  rose 4       heart  rose 5

    Thank you for trying my Stained Glass Heart tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.

      This tutorial was written January 10, 2009.

Terms of Use

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