Star Swinging on Name

star swinging on name

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    I did this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure the technique would work in other versions as well.

    Supplies: Stars, flowers and bow Download the zip and open the stars_flowers_ssg.pspimage in your PSP workspace.

    Open a new transparent image, 300x300. Flood fill with white.

    Add a new vector layer, naming it name. Use any color or colors you want. I am using Foreground - #394e38 - Background - #5b845a. You can use a font of your choice, I am using one of my favorites Black Chancery. Create as a vector, size 48, stroke width 1.0.

    Center your name, but have it in the upper half of the image so that you have room to add the swinging star. I put a narrow frame around mine so that it would stand out on this page.


    Once you have it placed, convert to a raster layer.

    Open the stars, flowers pspimage supplied and use one of the objects in it to be the object swinging from your name. I am using the yellow star. Edit/Copy - then activate the image you are working on - Paste as New Layer. Do the paste three times so that you have three stars.

    Name the layers as star 1, star 2 and star 3 in your layer palette.

    Go back to the pspimage, highlight the bow layer - Edit/Copy. Activate the name layer in the new image, and then Paste as a new layer. Name this layer bow.

    Use the Move Tool to move the bow on top of the first letter of your name

    Use the Move Tool to place your stars in a slight arc, with star 1 being directly down from the bow - it will be the middle one of the three stars.

shot 6

    Turn the visibility off for the name layer. Add a new raster layer on top of the star 1 layer. Activate the Pen Tool, this time changing to the Draw lines and Polylines (straight line) icon. Also uncheck the connect segments box. Same other settings. Click on the top of the star 1 - not on the top tip, but a bit down on that point.

shot 7

    Click on the base of the bow, making sure your line looks straight - if it doesn't, keep the button depressed on the mouse and move it slightly until the line does look straight.

shot 8

    Rename the layer you just drew the line on to star 1, and move it below the other star 1 layer. Right click on the top star 1 layer, Merge/Merge Down.

    Do the same with the other two stars, making sure you know which star you labeled as 2 - make sure the line for 2 comes from star 2 and goes to the base of the bow. The best way to make sure you get the top of each line in the right place, is to zoom to about 200%. I turned off the visibility to the bow to do a final check. If they are not all three on top of the same spot, click on the Move Tool and click on the star that isn't right, and use the arrow keys to move it - this will prevent jumping.

shot 9

    Final touches before opening Animation Shop. I used the following Inner Bevel on each star. Pie shaped symbol (also called #2); width - 31; smoothness - 40; depth - 2; ambience - 0; shininess - 10; color - white; angle - 315; intensity - 60; and elevation - 25.

    I also duplicated my name, turning the visibility off to the duplicated layer, and using a texture on the name layer. Go to Effects/Texture/Glass Mosaic and use the following settings - if you want to add this to your name. I also added a slight Drop Shadow to the copy name layer - V - 1; H - 0; Opacity - 100; Blur - 0; and color black.

shot 11

    Make sure all your star layers are visible, and crop the image.

    Open Animation Shop (AS), and minimize. In PSP, turn the visibility off to star 2 and star 1. Edit/Copy Merged. Restore AS and paste as a new animation.

    In PSP, turn the visibility to star 3 off, star 2 on, and leave the rest the same. Edit/Copy Merged. In AS, right click on the image and Paste before current layer.

    In PSP, turn the visibility to star 2 off, and turn star 1 on - leave the rest the same - Copy/Merged. In AS, right click on the image and Paste before current layer.

    Stretch the frames out so that you can see all three frames. Right click on the third frame, and paste before current frame. This will give you four frames with the star straight down from your name on there twice.

shot 13

    Edit/Select All. Animation/Frame Properties - change to 20. Check your animation, and if you want to modify it any, Edit/Select None. Then you can adjust each frame individually if you want.

    File/Save As... name your image, save to folder you want, then click on Next until you see Finish. Click on Finish and you are finished!!! Congratulations!

star swinging on name

      This tutorial was written May 18, 2008.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie