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    Please read and abide by my Terms of Use before you try any of my tutorials. I have worked hard on these, but enjoyed writing them and I hope you will enjoy trying them, too. If any would like to show me their results, I would love to see what you do. I hope you will also add your own creativity and imagination to your results.

Terms of Use

    All the content on my tutorial site is protected by International Copyright laws. If photos or graphics were created by anyone other than Susie, it will be noted and the copyright will remain with the creator. Please respect these copyrights. Any similarity to any other tutorial is coincidental. You may download my tutorials for personal use. You may share them within a group, if you write and ask my permission first. My email link is at the bottom of this page. The image you create from this tutorial is yours to do with as you please.

    I have placed thumbnails of the image made with each tutorial as a preview and also to be the link to the tutorial. Please click on the image to go to the tutorial.


Little Girl Tutorials


        Little Girl Blowing Bubbles       Little Girl Variations - Hair Styles and Colors

Fish and Aquarium Tutorials


Vector Fish       Aquarium Tutorial

Fuzzy Bear Tutorials


Fuzzy Bear       Fuzzy Bear II

Water Tutorials


Shallow Water Tutorial       Blue Water Tutorial

Other Animation Tutorials


Watching Kitty Tutorial       Sqirlz Animation Tutorial       Pouring Sand Tutorial       Lightening Animation Tut



Boy and Snowman                 Little Penguin         Pit Puppy


    Winter Kitty     Snowman with Birdhouse     Angel 2013


    Country Snowman     Gingerbread Baker


        Elf               Lt'l Cowboy     Tulip Mom Tag


Heart Flowers     Toy Bunny

Kitty in the Rain         Heart Frame         Bear Heart

            Beary Valentine               Toy Rudolph         Scarecrow on Pumpkin


Ghost Writer     Cutie Bunny       Goofy Bunny       Toon Bunny


Mama Bunny           Egg Buggy         Glass Bunny


Artist Bunny with Egg       Paddy, the Leprechaun


            Irish Mousie     Glass Shamrock             New Year Tut     Stain Glass Heart with Rose


Framed Heart     Glass Heart Tag     Heart Streams

Moving Hats Trio


Rising Hat Tutorial           Bouncing Derby Tutorial           Flipping Hat Tutorial

Snobaby and Baby Penguin


Snobaby Tutorial       Baby Penguin Tutorial

Construction Kits Tutorials

Autumn Flag Kit


        Spring Bouquet     Candle Construction Kit   New Year's Scrap Kit   Fall Windchimes Kit     Silly Pumpkins Kit


    Butterfly Windchimes           Irish Kitty Kit           Winter Windchimes Kit       Sinedot Wind Chimes Kit


Scraps Construction Kit       Lace Construction Kit

Vector Tutorials


Valentine Flower           Santa Hat


Leaves 1 & 2           Toon Flower

Alpha Channel Selections Tutorials


                  Furry Bear             Leprechaun in Wheelbarrow


Irish Lass       Suncatcher Shamrock


    Brown Mouse             Gray Mouse       Valentine Bear     Valentine Tag      Valentine Name 2         Lion


Puppy                 White Puppy                 Cute Kitten               Sweet Kitty


New Year's Mouse         Stuck Santa       Singing Cat 1       Singing Cat 2     Lantern Globe

        Candy Cane               Snowman Pot         Snowman Bell 1       Snowman Bell 2

Chris Moose         Gingerbread Santa           Glitter Snowman               Shelf Elf

Little Turkey         Tom Turkey           Hanging Frog               Baby Turkey


Scarecrow on Fence       Candy Corn House

Cinderella Coach         Glass Coach           Magic Coach


Ducky 09                 Fish 1                 Fish 2                   Fish 3                   Seal Cub                     Duckling                   Singing Parrot


Singing Rooster           Guitar Frog           Drummer Horse       Attitude Pencil           Woodland Birdbath         Froggie 2009


Mole in Dirt           Post Its Note           Timmy Turtle         Baby Dino           Flaminco Flamingo           Flamingo

Happy Raccoon           Rocky Raccoon           Mama Flamingo     Otter Head           Floating Otter           Cow Muscian

Priscilla Pig           Little Guy                   Miss Pig               Mama Pig With Babies


      Dancing Shamrock       Baby Angel       Curved Snowman       Lit'l Scarecrow Tutorial     Stinky Skunk Tutorial     Sunny Bear Tutorial

Backgrounds Tutorials

Ornate Gradient Backgrounds

Quick Tutorials


Noel Quick Tut     Crocheted Snowflake     Sinedot II Apple


              Valentine Quick Tut             Mouth Quick Tut             Basic Face Parts         Popping Name

Blackbird Trio Tutorials


Black Bird 1       Black Bird 2       Black Bird 3

Various Tutorials


Witchy on Broom           Star Swing


Vector Toy Kitty             Flower             Sinedot Bow             Mitten             Heart Jewel Variation


Plant Hanger       Welcome Pole

Sinedot II Bear


     Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie