Valentine Name Tag

    This was written for version 9, and the heart is saved as a pspimage from version 9.

Heart Zip

    Open heart pspimage in PSP, export to your tubes folder. Open a new image, 300x100, white background.

    Add a vector layer, label it name. Activate the font tool, and choose a wide font. I used Background Font 2, size 72. If you have more letters than 5-6, you will have to use a smaller size for your font. I used a stroke width of 1, create on vector. Stroke/foreground color: black; Fill/background color: white. You can use these colors, or any of your choice.

    Type in your name. Adjust it how you want, then convert to raster layer. Add a new raster layer, label it 1. We will be adding a total of 3 layers. I sometimes add my layers, name them and then activate the one I want to work on. The other two layers should be named 2 and 3.

    There are several ways to do this tut - at the end are some examples of the variations. To use three different sizes, I used the scales of 25, 30 and 35. You might have to vary the largest size one, if you use a smaller size on your font.

    You can put the hearts on top of each other to make it appear like they are beating - this is difficult to get them absolutely centered on each one! You can scatter them in the various sizes, or you can use the same size and scatter it on each layer. Use your imagination!

    Once you have what you think you want, crop as necessary. Open Animation Shop (AS). Toggle off the visiblity to layers 2 and 3. Edit/Copy merged and paste as a new image in AS. Back to PSP, and do the same thing with each of the next two layers except paste after the previous image you had pasted, remembering to toggle the visibility off as you finish a layer in PSP.

    The speed for each frame is automatically set up at 10 - you can leave it at this speed or vary it to what you want to see. I left mine at 10. Save as gif.

    These are just some basics - make it your own!

beating       rotating

scattered       scattered 2