final tag

Valentine Tag

    Please read my Terms of Use at the bottom of this tutorial. I hate having to state them, but in this day and age, it is necessary.

    I did the work for this tutorial in PSP version 9, but I am sure the technique would work in other versions as well. Remember to save often.

    To do this tutorial, you will need a basic knowledge of PSP and my Supplies.

    Unzip the Supplies into a folder of your choice. I usually make a folder with the name of the tutorial and put the supplies in there for easy access. I offer the directions merely as a guide for you. Be creative and use your imagination. Included in the zip are lace_ssg.psp, white_heart_ssg.psp, sm_hearts_ssg.psp and text_ssg.psp. These were all made by me, so they are safe to use and you are welcome to put any into your picture tubes if you want. You can also open them onto your PSP workspace, minimize them and then maximize when you are ready to use them. You may also use any of your own tubes that you want. I am merely offering suggestions with my directions - make this tag your own with your own imagination!

    Remember to save often! You can save it as a pspimage in the folder of your choice. (This is another reason I have a folder with the name of the tutorial, so that I can also put my pspimages in it to save and "play" with later!)

    Step 1. Open a new transparent image, 300x300. Add a new raster layer, naming it "bg" - I used #bd7f7f for my color. Flood fill with either the mauve color I used (#bd7f7f) or feel free to use your own colors instead of mine. My tutorials are only written the way I did them - and are suggestions for you. Use your imagination - get creative! :)

    Step 2. Open the white_heart_ssg.psp. Go to Edit/Copy. Activate the mauve colored image, Edit/Paste as New Layer. Rename the new layer "white heart".


    Step 3. Go to Effects/Texture Effects/Mosaic - Antique. Use the following settings: Number of columns: 50; Number of rows: 50; Tile diffusion %: 100; Grout width: 5; Grout diffusion %: 50; Symmetric box: checked.

mosaic_window       mosaic_settings

    This is how the image should look so far.


    Step 4. Open the lace_ssg.psp. Edit/Copy. Activate the mauve image, and Edit/Paste as New Layer. Rename the layer "lace".

    Step 5. Open the sm_hearts_ssg.psp. Edit/Copy. Activate the mauve image. Edit/Paste as New Layer. Rename the layer "red hearts".

    The following screen shot shows what the image should look like so far.



    Step 6. Add a new raster layer, naming it "frame 1" (this will be the inner frame). Flood fill the layer with #bd7f7f. Go to Selections/Select All. Selections/Modify/Contract - by 5 pixels. Go back to Selections/Invert. Click on the Delete key on your keyboard. Invert, again and keep it selected.

    Step 7. Still working on frame 1, which is the inner frame - Selections/Modify/Contract - by 15 pixels. Click on the Delete key. Deselect by holding the Ctrl key down and clicking on the D key, or by going to Selections/Select None.

    The following screen shot shows what the image should look like so far.


    Step 8. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel. Use the following Inner Bevel settings: Bevel: 2; Width: 20; Smoothness: 15; Depth: 5; Ambience: 0; Shininess: 30; Color: white: Angle: 335; Intensity: 30; Elevation: 50.

frames bevel

    Step 9. Add a new raster layer, naming it "frame 2" (which will be the outer frame). Fill with #c0c000. Selections/Select All. Selections/Modify/Contract - 5 pixels. Click on the Delete key. Deselect.


    The following screen shot shows what the image should look like so far.


    Step 9. Apply the same Inner Bevel to "frame 2" that we applied to "frame 1".

    Step 10. Copy and Paste as New Layer the text_ssg.psp, or apply your own text. Move into place with the Mover Tool.

    Step 11. Add a new vector layer, and apply your name. I used the Aristocrat font for the text. Rename the new layer "text".

    Your Valentine Tag is finished! Now is the time to do a final save and add any embellishments you want! Have fun!

final tag

    Here a variation I did by colorizing a couple of the layers.

variation 1

    Thank you for trying my Valentine Tag tutorial and I hope you enjoyed doing it.

      This tutorial was written January 31, 2010.

Terms of Use

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      Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. Send email to susie