Winter Windchimes Construction Kit

winter windchime

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    I used a transparent image, 400x400 to make both of the images shown. That gave me plenty of room to play with the various images I copied and pasted to make a winter windchime. I flood filled it with a dark color so I could see the snowflakes and snowman, then changed it to the background I wanted when I had finished my windchime.

    Supplies: Snowflakes and Windchime Parts

    The snowflake zip contains one pspimage, with a black background and 28 various snowflakes. Actually there are 14 flakes and 14 smaller flakes. You may use any of these or use your own. Feel free to resize the snowflakes as you see fit.

    The other zip contains a ring to hang your chimes with, and a snowman and a bar to hang your chimes on. All of these images were created in version 9 and will work in versions 9 through XII (12). You may tube the images to your picture tubes or just do the copy and paste.

    Once you have the images you want for your windchimes, and placed where you want them, use the Pen Tool to draw the "strings". I used a width of 1.5 and used the same color I used for the shading on the top bar (#aedaf3), but you can use whatever color suits your fancy!

    I merged all of my snowflakes on the far left together, after I drew the line so that I could make sure each were centered on the line. I then named the layer L lg string. The smaller string, I named L sm string and so forth for the other two strings. You can do it this way or whatever way is easiest for you.

    Use your imagination and any other tubes you want to add to your chimes to make your winter windchimes uniquely your own!

    I used a light drop shadow on each of my items - V&H 0; Opacity 35; Blur 3, and color of your choice (I used #60fafc, but use what you think looks best - this is just a guide line).

    Have fun and enjoy playing!

winter windchime       winter windchime 2

    Thank you for trying this. I hope you enjoyed it.

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      This tutorial/construction kit was written December 6, 2008.

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